Financial Hardship


Ken reserves part of his practice to help those that cannot afford his regular rates. Due to many people registering, Ken intuitively chooses the few he can see. If you would prefer a shorter wait and are able to afford the $250 either by credit card or debit card, please sign up for the ala carte healing session using the button below.

By submitting this form below, you will be put into our financial hardship waitlist. If Ken chooses you, he will send you an invitation to schedule a free consultation. He won’t be able to have time for most people,  so please understand if we don’t get in contact with you. 

Please fill out this form and let me know what you can afford for a private and also a group session.

If you are possessed/have an entity and willing to be videoed for the Starlight healers TV series, then indicate that and if we use the video, you don’t have to pay.

Ala Carte 1 Hour Session for only $250

This is for those that need relief from acute problems such as:

  • Entity, curse, negative energy removal
  • Cleansing and balancing chakras
  • Neural bliss for depression, PTSD, and anxiety
  • Heart blasts to cleanse your electromagnetic field
  • Some people need a past life regression to clear up trauma

This is a good way for you to sample the Starlight Healing. If you continue and reach 9 or 14 sessions, we will adjust the price to match the 9 or 14 packages prices. I don’t offer the money-back guarantee for these ala carte sessions because I don’t think one session is enough for everything. 

After paying in Paypal, click return to the merchant to book your appointment!